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Here’s the man’s point of view! Welcome Stephan Gubler

Beatrice Lessi

He says, she says is a beloved tradition Stephan Gubler started on this blog, reviewing  cars, watches or tech items and asking me how I see them from a woman’s point of view. We then compare our opinions and, of course, I am right and he is wrong.

Since these articles always had a lot of clicks and since, above all,  Stephan and I always have a great time with the whole reviewing and writing process, we decided to make this column a bit more regular. Now you can see a box on our homepage where we will be posting more if it.

Stephan is a friend and a well estabilished Swiss journalist.

His Instagram biography says: consumer electronics, sporting goods and car jounalist. Runner, cyclist, swimmer. Loves dogs, cats, women (in that order) and nature.



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