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Hotel of the Year

Beatrice Lessi

A Swiss Hotel That Holds Many Records

Before visiting, the Gran Resort Bad Ragaz had made me quite curious. In the  past 150 years, it has won the prestigious title of Best Hotel of the Year three times.

Last Year, the hotel was named Best Spa and  Best Medical Resort.

Still in 2019 Silvio German, chef of the spectacular Igniv restaurant by Andreas Caminada, has won the title of Chef of the Year. The same restaurant has just been awarded a second Michelin star.

The Hotel’s restaurants total 4 Michelin stars.

In 2019, the hotel won also the title of Best Golf Restaurant.

No surprise here…it’s also part of the prestigious Swiss Deluxe Hotels group. 

My Experience

I have been at the hotel twice, and greatly enjoyed it. I tried to use as many facilities as I could, because they are extremely diversified and keep you  quite entertained. I went to the free classes (there’s a weekly calendar offering yoga, aqua gym, meditation and much more), to the Caminada restaurant, to the golf course to check my husband game, to all the pools and all the saunas (I got stuck in the swirling current circular pool with my daughter and laughed half an hour about it), and enjoyed all immaculate gardens and luxurious flower arrangements by walking with my dog.

Everything here is generous. Even the cheapest room is luminous and airy. Pillows are top quality. Cupboards and showers big. Toiletries excellent, including face creams and dental kits. Breakfast is amazing. Decor? One can see the constant renovations – every chair, lamp or piece of art is well thought of. The Hortensiae are just endless. Fountains and water decorations make this place truly enchanting. The mountain views all around complete the hydillic landscape.

Is there anything I didn’t like? Yes. This place – in a very Swiss way –  has a huge tradition and a medical centre, so many people who visit don’t come here to have fun, but to heal. That also means that I had to be extra careful when taking pictures: raise a telephone or a camera and you’ll see people getting really worried and looking at you like you’re committing a big sin.

Would I go again and recommend it? Absolutely, it is indeed outstanding.

Below, some pictures I took during my recent stay, and some from the Resort’s website.

hotel of the year

hotel of the year



hotel of the year