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The Ageless Body – With The LBD

Beatrice Lessi

I love black – the summer version too. I am turning 50 the 21 June and I can’t get enough of wearing this colour. What is better to look ageless? An Italian classic I keep wearing – the Little Black Dress.

don camillo beatrice

The Don Camillo window – let’s dress black and colour the world!

don camillo beatrice

The Mayor and the priest drinking together – 60’s memories of classic Italian TV.

klein topshop beatrice

Hard to go down the stairs fast with these ankle boots! LBD by Calvin Klein, boots by Topshop

top shop ankle boots

Calvin Klein velvet bag and Topshop ankle boots

sitting LBD beatrice

You can sit everywhere if you wear black.


bea LBD

Holding on to black.

beatrice sea lbd

Sunglasses, a LBD and the sea – does it get any better?