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Pink Ribbon Switzerland – The 2021 Gala

Beatrice Lessi

A Glamorous Tradition

Swiss Charity is famous for its generosity, and numerous galas are a national tradition. The highlights are always the secret or open auctions, where beautiful art, objects or experiences are offered to raise money. This is what happened last night at the Pink Ribbon Schweiz Gala at the Dolder, the event presented by Sven Epiney that also saw the participation of different musicians like James Gruntz and Nubya.

Dress code? A touch of  pink, and an open mind to listen to some emotional stories.

Girls Power

For the first time during an auction I saw women bidding quite actively!

Then, after the auction, a young woman went on stage with her beautiful and healthy baby to tell how she suffered from a breast cancer and, thanks to the International Breast Cancer Study Group – IBCSG, how she then fully recovered and had her baby. It was really touching and showed the audience how everybody can be affected…and can perfectly recover too. Strong and inspiring women shared their stories, helped for the cause and didn’t forget to have fun.

I was invited to the gala by the Vergani family of Vergani Wines, who also has had a direct experience of the impact (and recovery) of breast cancer. Flavia Vergani‘s story, who went through this incredibly hard experience at age 30, was also published on the Schweizer Illustrierte, and brought to the creation of a  prosecco rosé  that gives a contribution to the cause.

A final mention for the goodie bags: at the end of the evening Sisley Paris, that is a partner to Pink Ribbon Schweiz, gave everybody the right recovery tools for the day after the party (smile).

Impressions of the Night

Below, some images of the night. Photos: Pink Ribbon Schweiz and Alexandra Pauli.

Dress: Ragfair

Hairstyle: Best Haidresser in Zurich


Pink Ribbon Schweiz 2021



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