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Sign it, Yacht Club Style

Beatrice Lessi

Working as a Treat

Every Summer I go to Punta Ala, the port in Tuscany I come from, for 3 weeks. I am a member of the local Yacht Club and know almost everybody there.

This is where I go  to every morning to work and, later, sunbathe. Being a private club, this place has specific rules and is a bit formal.

Believe it or not, even Italians can be strict: there is a dress code, precise timetables and also rules of general behaviour.

Manners and a traditional approach are encouraged and appreciated.

Precious and Rare

It’s not surprise that I always have a fountain pen with me to work, sign up or simply lend to anybody who might need it.

Last week I bought a book for a friend and wrote a personal message on it. This small gesture was so much appreciated! These days a hand written message is very rare.

Von Moos

My Von Moos selection of pens always gets me a lot of comments, questions and admiration.

How about the precious stones? Where did I discover the brand? Is it really a bespoke product? Why is a pen called Sophia Loren?

If you want to know more, just have a look to the Von Moos Pens website. And if you want to impress and give emotions, sign it the traditional way, Yacht Club style.


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