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Sleeping Hacks for Summer

Beatrice Lessi

Let’s say you are learning a language. Do you learn it the moment you memorise some words? No, your brain will register the information at night, while sleeping.

And let’s say you are I’m the gym, lifting weights. Does your muscle become bigger that moment? No, it will start to change at night, while you’re sleeping.

During the day, your brain is constantly supervising all bodily activities, and it’s only at night, that it can allow itself some “me time”. It is actually having a shower, washing itself in fluids that carry away toxins, Alzheimer plaques, and so on.

Conclusion: your sleep is your super power, and when the magic happens.

Here are my top hacks for a better sleep.

Go to bed at the same time.

Exceptions are allowed! But try to fall into a routine. I go to bed at 10. It sounds boring, but it gives me an incredible amount of energy during the day.

Avoid caffeinated stuff. And especially after 10 or 11. This includes tea, coffee, Red Bull, Coca Cola and the likes. One fourth of the caffeine lasts 12 hours, in your body. That means that, if you drink a coffee at midday, and you go to bed at midnight, it will be like having a quarter of a cup, and going straight to bed.

Be physically tired. It’s hard to have insomnia, when you exercised or run or danced or worked in the garden or had sex during the day (just some examples!). Plus, physical activity is the other big factor helping to protect your brain from Dementia, Alzheimer and other cognitive disease. It also helps to prevent other conditions, and to keep your weight under control.

Keep your room’s temperature two degrees lower than the rest of the house. Temperature is a great way to help the body fall into relaxation and, eventually, sleep.

Go to natural light, every day. Ideally, be exposed to it in the first hour, when you wake up. Go out even if it’s cloudy and let the light hit your retina, so your brain registers it, and melatonin production is boosted. No need of a pill.

Be exposed to dark. Being in the dark for at least 7/8 hours helps as much as being in the natural light during the day. With that, I mean complete darkness (no lights or screens or technology).

Wear Dagsmejan. A cool pj is always a cool trick. In these photos, I am wearing the Stay Cool line by Dagmejan Summer collection. Its fabric, Natcool, is the ultimate cooling fabric. It’s eight times more breathable than cotton. Its exceptional low thermal resistance helps the body to release excess heat. Water evaporates immediately, and you are never damp. Goodnight!


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