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SRF Sport Awards 2019 – Swiss Champions Think Different

Beatrice Lessi

What makes Switzerland dream?

Let’s face it: Swiss people are reserved, and it’s often difficult to understand what they really think. But there is one field that deeply unites the country and makes everybody (finally!) openly emotional: sport.

Flying! My dress is by Brusnika, Torgasse 8, Zurich

Swiss Champions Think Different

And also Swiss sport champions themselves are, in my opinion, more passionate and refreshing than in other countries. When given a prize, like last night at the SRF Sport Awards in Zurich – at the SRF headquarters – they often seem to doubt they really deserve it. In which other country, for example, would you have a nominee (in this case Roman Josi)accepting his prize while making a video call from a bus?  And how many runners would permanently move to Kenia from Switzerland, like Julien Wanders did, to really train with Kenyan runners all year round, because this was always his childhood dream?

srf sport awards 2019

With Julien Wanders

Finally, one of the big winners of the evening, Mujinga Kambundji, whom I have had the chance to observe many times during Zurich galas and events and is always one of the most friendly and humble of them all, seemed so genuinely pleased about the evening, that she stayed until very late and held the prize all the time. So refreshing-

Here are the nominated people for the two main categories,  sportswomen and sportsmen of the year, and all other winners. It was great meeting them and exchange a couple of words.

Good luck to all athletes for their further preparation and endeavours!

srf sport awards 2019

With Mujinga Kambundji

Sports Awards 2019
Copyright SRF/Valeriano Di Domenico

Nominees : Sportswomen

Tennis – Belinda Bencic

Alpine Skiing – Wendy Holdener

Athletics – Mujinga Kambundji

Trianthalon – Daniela Ryf

Athletics – Léa Sprunger

Alpine Skiing – Corinne Suter

Nominees – Sportsmen

Swimming – Jérémy Desplanches

Tennis – Roger Federer

Alpine Skiing – Beat Feuz

Mountain Biking – Nino Schurter

Schwingen – Christian Stucki

Athletics – Julien Wanders


Mujinja Kambundji, Christian Stucki

Team of the Year

Athletics: 4X100 Relay Women

Best Paralympic Athlete

Manuela Schär

Best Trainer

Adrian Rothenbühler

Most Valuable Player

Roman Josi

Newcomer of the Year

Sina Frei

Sports Awards 2019
Copyright SRF/Valeriano Di Domenico

srf sport awards 2019

With Daniela Ryf

srf sport awards 2019

With Sina Frei

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