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Tailor Made Art

Beatrice Lessi

Like A Gala Dress

When I first approached Orlando Marosini to tell him I would like to change some paintings in our house, I was surprised because he asked a photo of my living room. I sent it and told him I would love some pink shades near the piano. We shortly discussed what my wishes were, and Orlando, inspired but also very pleased to work “on commission”, produced a fabulous 130 x 130 canvas in the exact shades I wanted. Like a made to measure gala dress.

Orlando marosini

Orlando Marosini delivering my new painting

The Personal Touch

It was time to talk about shipping. Since the first talks, a month had passed. I thought this was quite a fast pace, but Orlando seemed to think he was being slow. So he decided to bring the picture himself. It’s always quite special to meet the artist behind a work, and I was delighted to arrange an appointment at our house, to get the painting delivered. I loved hearing how Orlando gets to create a certain image and what inspires him. He is so young, and yet so confident and passionate about his work. It was also interesting to see him behaving almost like an interior design and giving me tips and ideas about how to display the art I have at home.

You can find Orlando’s art on the Saatchi Gallery page, and I’ll keep you posted for his next Zurich exhibition.

Orlando marosini

Orlando chatting about art and Zurich life

Orlando marosini

The sunglasses version…aren’t all artists a bit rockstars?