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The 10 Best Dressed Italian Women 2021

Beatrice Lessi

Italianità: a magic word beloved in Switzerland (where I live) because it suggests beauty, good style, life’s pleasures, fun, art and design, and much more. Italian women have are known for their ability to present themselves at their best. So who does it best? Here’s my handpicked choice.

10 – Elodie

An expert at red carpet outfits, Elodie can change image and style with young and relaxed outfits. Here in one of her elegant versions.

Elodie. Photo: Instagram

9 – Bianca Brandolini

Classically elegant, never too sexy, Bianca Brandolini is known for her fashion style.

At the Rodin Museum. Photo: Instagram

8 – Bianca Balti

Bianca doesn’t even seem to try hard, with her fashion sense: she is beautiful and naturally stylish. Her modelling career around the world made her known in Italy and abroad.

At the Venice Film Festival. Photo: Instagram

7 – Cathy La Torre

Perhaps it’s exactly because Cathy claims that she doesn’t  feel beautiful and is not into fashion, that we appreciate her no-nonsense and authentic style. Original and perfectly fitting her role (Cathy is a solicitor and an activist), her style is beautiful and inspiring.

Cathy La Torre. Photo: Instagram

6 – Beatrice Borromeo

If you like Royalty, look no further: Beatrice Borromeo is the Italian Kate Winslet, and looks gorgeous in every occasion.

Italian Royalty. Photo: Instagram

5 – Sophia Loren

Sophia is THE Italian icon. The only reason why I am putting her so “low” in the chart is that we hardly see her, these days. However, she has recently won the Nastro d’Argento for her latest film The Life Ahead, and has opened a restaurant in Florence. Sophia is often dressed by Armani.

Sophia Loren. Photo: D la Repubblica

4 – Livia Firth

Founder of eco-age, mother of two, separated wife of Colin Firth, Livia is a champion of sustainability, and talked about sustainable fashion when nobody did. Her fresh style combines old clothes and revamped accessories.

The n.1 in sustainability – and style! Photo: Instagram

3 – Margherita Missoni

Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos is the heir of the Missoni fashion house. Her unique style combine boho elements, new and vintage, fun accessories and, of course, Missoni statement pieces.

Fabulous knits. Photo: Instagram

2- Veronica Berti Bocelli

Veronica is CEO of Almud – Andrea Bocelli Business Management Office, and often involved in really interesting initiatives, cultural activities, and, of course, music related events. Her sense of style is immaculate, her work makes her one of the best Italian ambassadors in the world.

Veronica in Dolce & Gabbana. Photo: Instagram

1 – Silvia Grilli

Silvia is editor-in-chief of Grazia Italy, and therefore one of the fashion icons in the country: she gets to see collections in advance or live, she knows most Italian designers, she is probably given (or at least I assume) a lot of clothes too. Her signature style is very feminine; she loves asymmetric dresses, bold colours, fabric logos and matching accessories, high heels, and anything showing her gorgeous legs. Glamorous both when working from home or at the latest parties and events, Silvia is regularly photographed with her daughter too, who is also incredibly photogenic and well dressed. Follow Silvia on Instagram for fashion inspiration, and much more.


Silvia Grilli at Villa d’Este. Photo: Instagram



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