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The Best Cappuccino in the World – At Coffee School with Lavazza

Beatrice Lessi

Would you like to learn how to make the best cappuccino in the world? And the best espresso? And how to impress your guests with coffee caviar and fancy decorations? Then you might want to go to coffee school for a day, in Zurich, with Lavazza.

The Lavazza Training Center

During a lively morning followed by a delicious lunch, you will learn:

  • How to make the perfect espresso
  • How to make the perfect creamy cappuccino
  • How to make the perfect foam
  • What are the most common mistakes to avoid
  • How to decorate your cappuccino like a professional
  • How to use coffee for drinks and aperitif
  • How to make coffee “corretto”
  • How to make coffee caviar
  • How Italians make coffee
  • How to really reproduce all this at home

Cool Teachers

At the #LavazzaCHTrainingCenter, your teachers come directly from Turin and are the exactly the way you would expect: good-looking, entertaining, well dressed, speaking with their hands, and totally in love with quality and good flavours. They take their coffee seriously, and their course with a touch of humour. They love to answer questions and let you try their tricks yourself. Last but not least, they smile a lot! Is there something in the caffeine?

Love for Details

Did you know that, by only looking at an espresso cup, you can judge a lot about it? For example, the cream can be too dark (that means it’s burnt, so its taste will be bitter), or not “closing again” if you touch it with the spoon (a good cream goes back to initial position and isn’t liquid). Finally, the cream can be too light-colored, which means the coffee has been extracted too quickly. In order to judge the coffee extraction, you’ll learn to simply observe how it comes out of the machine.

Coffee hack: use stencils for decorations

lavazza ch training center

Observe any detail and…enjoy!

Pimp it Up

The most delicious aperitif on the palate, surprising all your guests? Chips, ketchup and caviar. Sounds pretty predictable and expensive, doesn’t it. But if you use truffle-aromatised chips and pair them with a coffee flavoured bloody Mary and coffee caviar, you’ll achieve for sure a “wow” effect, without even investing a fortune.

Lavazza Ch Training Center

Mirko working his magic

How to turn coffee into spheres – inspired by molecular cuisine

lavazza ch training center

Dennis making a coffee Bloody Mary

Coffee Caviar

Inspired by molecular cooking, this super decorative and photogenic aperitive/dessert is quite easy to achieve. The spherification is done by adding a small amount of sodium alginate to the liquid, and then dropping it into water containing a similar small amount of calcium chloride. The resulting chemical reaction creates a membrane around the drops of liquid, giving you some caviar-like spheres that burst in your mouth and explode with flavour.

Barista for a Day

Of course it was times for photos. When I saw the blue  Lavazza coffee truck with its delightful retro design, I couldn’t resist and had to first drive it,  then wear the apron and become a barista. I admit it didn’t last long, but I got some customers to smile for sure!

Thank you to the whole crew at the Lavazza Training Center for a truly unforgettable morning, a lot of tips to try home, and above all a really good mood!

Bye Bye Lavazza training center, it has been a great day!

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