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The Best Exercise For Losing Weight

Beatrice Lessi

Guess What? It’s Pretty Obvious

I love the Independent and recently came across an article that got my attention: The Best Exercise For Losing Wight According to a Health Expert.

I went through the whole research and found the sentence that sums it all up – guess what? It’s pretty simple.

independent.co.uk/…/best-exercise-weight-loss-fat-workout-interval-training-advice-tips-a8489816The bet type of exercise for losing weight is the one you will actually do.

Get Up

Before I shortly resume the different types of training (all would be good and all have advantages), you might get up and do a three minutes exercise. If you are in an office, stretch, or go to the ladies and do something easy like standing on your tiptoes 5 times. Even this helps (for your legs, against injuries, to improve balance, to motivate you to do more). If you are home, there are many things to do without machines (watch a tutorial for inspiration).

You got my point: act – and choose something you like, more than something to lose weight.

But let’s go through the different options.


This type of exercise spends more energy than resistance training. Do you like exercise at moderate or medium pace for a long time? Then choose this one.


A single bout of resistance exercise can lead to a sustained increase of BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) for up to 48 hours after exercising. Increasing muscle also helps to burn more energy.

High Intensity Interval Training

A bit like the above mentioned type of exercise, “all-out” can bring rapid beneficial changes in metabolic function and burn fat. Disclaimer: it’s really hard.


Ideally, a combination of all the above-mentioned methods would be the best thing to so.

But remember, most people won’t keep doing something from which they don’t derive any pleasure.

Also, judging a sport/activity only by its power in losing weight is wrong: exercising also has a plethora of other benefits.

Mix them all up, choose one, consider that also walking to work, gardening or dancing are a good form of exercise.

My Tip

My personal tip? Don’t do too much. I have noticed again and again with myself that not doing things gradually only leads to injury, and that doing little (and I mean as little as 5 minutes per day! But every day) really helps a lot.

I consider myself lazy, at times, and often need to motivate myself when I feel like skipping sport. If I have such a day, I do 2 or 3 minutes. It helps  a lot – looks, mood, energy levels, concentration, and much more. Maybe just stretching, or 3 sets of abs exercise.

The best exercise you need to lose weight is the one you will actually do: it’s as easy as that.