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The Cool Factor – The Cambrian Adelboden

Beatrice Lessi

A Night Adventure


I heard from the little lamp attached to the elastic band around my head. Yes, it had gone on – I could see it from the cone of light in front of me, illuminating the snow. I had to gasp air for a moment, and then  it was silence. Just wow. My foot made a small icy noise by moving. I looked around. We had the mountain for ourselves. We had seen the sunset, and now it had turned dark. I felt like a real explorer! I was certainly dressed to look the part. Getting to the top that our guide, Joe, had pointed us, I could hear the wind blowing – I was standing on top of the world.

More people arrived and then we went back down.

Yippiee! Beatrice, do like me: stay low and slide!

said Suzanne, who had organised the press trip and joined the snowshoe hike as well, while spraying a bit around and looking like a happy kid.

A part of us “explorers” was having a drink and listening to the music at the après ski hut, and had been happy to do a shorter version of the tour.

Headlights on the mountains

Activities for Everybody

Yes, at The Cambrian Adelboden  there is really something for everybody, with no pressure to perform or be seen, even though every detail screams (quiet) luxury.

Dinner is one of the reasons why I dragged my husband here – I had already been at the Cambrian Adelboden and knew Bryn Williams  ‘s restaurant – let’s bet that he will get a Michelin star, and be careful because I wrote it already twice for other chefs, and twice my prediction came true.

I was sitting near Joe, our snowshoe guide, and eating the vegetarian menu (that might sound boring but was a delight), when he discussed a couple of room details and I wondered how it was possible that he really knew the hotel inside out, up to its last accessory. I was a bit surprised and asked who owned the hotel, imagining he could know that too.

My family, actually.

He answered, almost excusing himself.

I thought that was so cool – if I didn’t ask directly he would have never said it. This is to me the spirit at The Cambrian Adelboden; yes, it’s a high life. But one doesn’t need to show off or prove anything.

Wales and Adelboden

So what is the story with the family? Grant Maunder, the man who started it all and bought this – originally – Belle Époque building, comes from Wales and has brought some of his land to Adelboden. Two places that have something in common: they are well-kept secrets. Now Adelboden, which hosts a World Cup ski race every winter so it’s known for its skiing but is rather understated, has a touch of internationality thanks to this Welsh connection: personally I love how easily everybody can switch to English, for example.

“The Cambrian” is latin for Wales. Here, one can experience the best of both worlds.

Spa and Winter Garden

The morning after I woke up early to go to the spa when it was still dark. The steam of the water gently danced over the surface, my hands went in the snow to raise myself and sit on the edge to pose for a picture. I could only hear the sound of water, and at one point the church bells.

Time to wear my bathrobe and go to the Winter Garden, an airy room with spectacular views over the mountains. Here I saw the sunrise. It was like meditation.

The morning mood sets the mood of the whole day – what a start!

Later on we (my husband and I) went to explore the region and visited a real gem, very popular in Switzerland but not so well known abroad: Oeschinensee, a lake famous for its turquoise waters in Summer, and for its magical setting in a beautiful snowy gorge in winter.

The Cambrian Adelboden is a dreamy base camp for all sort of activities, be it a playground for adrenaline fuelled moments or simply to enjoy the breathtaking views in every direction, and relax.

Two days felt like a holiday; we went back home completely refreshed. No doubt: we will be back!

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