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Swiss Bliss at The Cambrian Adelboden

Beatrice Lessi

The Cool Crew

You can’t buy coolness, but you can learn it at the Cambrian Adelboden. Examples? During my stay  in this breathtakingly panoramic Swiss location (the marketing manager of an important Zurich agency, who suggested it to me, said the view is so picture-perfect that she finds it almost kitsch), I found myself fantasising about 1. one of the chef’s becoming my son-in-law, 2. the General Manager, Lorenz Maurer, becoming the UBS CEO and refresh all bank’s policies, 3. the half Spanish-half Brazilian concierge designing clothes for me and taking pictures (he is also a fashion designer and a photographer), 4. copying some cool tattoos I have seen on the crew’s arms (and I normally hate tattoos). What I mean is: every person working here is friendly, open, good looking….but also very attentive and ready to leave you in peace if all you need is privacy.

No Drama at the Cambrian

I did make a bit of drama when I arrived at the top of our mountain excursion and refused to go back down on a scooter. Somehow I was so immersed in my thoughts that I didn’t understand this was the only option. I then felt so annoyed with myself that I was afraid of falling. The GM didn’t blink – he took the hotel bus and picked me up like being my chaffeur was the most normal thing for him to do. We then drove to a mountain picnic and met Yyonne of FunkyForty. That also put me in the best mood, because with her it’s always fun. And the picnic food! I challenge you: if you book it and don’t think it’s the best picnic of your life, I’ll pay it back to you. Chef Bryn Williams isn’t only cool (obviously, since this is normal at the Cambrian Adelboden); he also is a real artist of flavours.


Perhaps the shortest way to describe the Cambrian Adelboden is “wellness hotel”.

the panoramic lounge with billiard table, the gym, the crackling fires and the massage rooms are the most beloved characteristics of the hotel. Mountains and waters can be seen from everywhere contribute to a relaxing and almost meditative feeling. But there is more in this place, and I will suggest it to anybody who asks me what is the best hotel, in my opinion, off the beaten track. The Cambrian is for tourists and locals alike and embodies the idea of Swiss bliss. Here is a gallery of images we took during our stay – hopefully we’ll be back for some winter pics too!

cambrian adelboden

Morning Yoga at the pool

cambrian adelboden

The restaurant, with fabulous creations by Bryn Williams


cambrian adelboden

With my partner in crime, Yvonne of Funky Forty




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