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The Most Popular Class at Harvard – Life Changing Lessons You Didn’t Know You Could Take

Beatrice Lessi

Learn for Free

At the beginning of the year my husband, who recently did an MBA, received a mail from Harvard, and in particular from the EdX website.

Restless learners change the world – was the initial sentence.

As a global nonprofit, we are relentlessly pursuing our vision of a world where every learner can access education to unlock their potential, without the barriers of cost and location.

I  could’t believe that Harvard University courses were available for free, and in particular caught my eye.

Children’s Rights

Since I started to be a testimonial for Save the Children Suisse, I became more and more interested in Child Protection and Children’s Rights allover the world,  so I wanted to know more about it. The course about it takes 16 weeks, (2-6 hours per week), is free and costs $99USD if you want a verified certificate after you’ve completed it.

The Most Popular at Harvard

Justice – an introduction to moral and political philosophy – is  the second course I noticed and one of the most popular courses taught at Harvard College ( see the video where the professor is surrounded by hundreds of student in a really packed aula). It is also free of charge, unless you want it graded (in that case it costs $139 USD). It takes 3-6 hours per week, for a total of 12 weeks. It has transcripts in German, English, Spanish and Portuguese. It’s the next in my list and I am looking forward!

I think it’s an incredible opportunity to use Covid time to keep learning at your own pace and capability. The course gave me great ideas, discussions, and the hunger for more. To my knowledge, this is the best offer for online courses, and includes names like the MIT  and Berkeley University.

For more information, go to the EdX website.

most popular harvard


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