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The New Art Basel

Beatrice Lessi

New CEO (Noah Horowitz), new all digital accreditation, new uniforms, new galleries, a new installation from my favourite contemporary artist (Refik Anadol), Art Basel 2024 has a new version indeed.

Today I went to visit, for its pre-opening and press conference. It was packed.

I go to Art Basel every year, but, not being a collector, I don’t know much about the business that’s going on behind the scenes. However, today I saw a woman buying a Picasso, and I can tell you that this Art Fair has been dubbed “The Olympics of Art”. There is so much going on!

Business is huge, but Art Basel is worth a visit also just to have a look. The artistry crowd is amazing, trendier than Fashion Weeks and more knowledgeable than an Academic summit. The food is outrageously expensive and politically correct. The installations are wild. The paintings are to die for. Well, not all of them.

Below, some impressions. I didn’t bring my camera because they made it so hard for the press to bring cameras, that I gave up. So I only have some photos made with my IPhone. Don’t look here: go to Basel!


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