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Art Basel 2022 Reflects the World

Beatrice Lessi

Colorful, bold, gloomy, taking you by surprise:  with its multi million deals, Art Basel isn’t only “the Olympic Games of Art”; but also a way to look at our current moment.

It’s not the beauty, in art. It’s the message.

Says Uli Sigg, the biggest collector of Chinese art in the world (yes, you read it well: a Swiss is the biggest collector of Chinese art in the world and often lends his art pieces to museums).

Indeed, Art Basel 2022 has some really obscure and negative pieces. But also meditative and relaxing ones (with virtual reality, I could “go deep down” in the ocean and enjoy the mesmerizing life there, and a sunrise around the calm water at the end), sexy paintings, mysterious installations (in one we had to go through a tiny door wearing plastic covers over our shoes, just to find a completely empty white room with a really low ceiling) and enormous statues.

Was it beautiful, was it worth? In my opinion yes: inspiration and food for thought is alway here at its best.

Bellow, a gallery with some impressions.




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