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These 5 Women Set Traveling Trends With their Blogs in Switzerland

Beatrice Lessi

Skyscanner Approved

If Skyscanner says it, it must be true! Their recent article about the best travel bloggers in Switzerland sure got me interested, because I was featured too. Portrayed as a runner who has completed the most difficult races in the world (Marathon des Sables and Everest Marathon), a mother, fashionista and keen traveler, I recognised myself fully and loved reading about the other bloggers too.

Here is my interview in German.

Who are these women, and what are their favourite destinations? Here the answer and the chart.

  1. Anita Brechbühl – @travelita

  1. Ellen Gromann-Goldberg – @patotra

  1. Katja Birrer – @reisememo

  1. Valeria Mella – @valeriaslittlecity

  1. Beatrice Lessi – @beatricelessi


  1. Minea Jud – @aenymblaze

  1. Elisabeth Scherrer – @hiking_with_lisa

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