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Top 10 Swiss Bloggers

Beatrice Lessi

My end of the year present arrived yesterday by email: being ranked n.1 blogger in Switzerland. Of course, such a chart is always subject to comments and discussions – what were the criteria? Is Instagram more important, or a blog?

According to, that looks at blog quality and traffic more than social media, here is the chart of the top Swiss bloggers:

  1. Beatrice Lessi
  2. Dimitri Burkhard
  3. Ralph Widmer
  4. Kristina Bazan
  5. Alison Liaudat
  6. Hans Fischer
  7. Fanny Frey
  8. Michèle Krüsi
  9. Xenia Tschoumitcheva
  10. Sandra Baucknecht

I especially liked the way the writer describes me in the article, so flattering!

Beatrice Lessi is a Swiss Lifestyle blog and founder of Ask The Monsters, which focuses on lifestyle, fashion, and travel.

Her love for Switzerland and passion for photography are also evident in her blog and social media feeds making her a worthy blogger to follow for those interested in gorgeous imagery.

Beatrice is equally an indefatigable hard-worker and her networking prowess are second to none. She single handedly built a business from scratch by her networking skills and unmatched enthusiasm alone, relying on strong loyalties from both her customers and co-workers.

If you want to read the whole article, it is here.

Wishing a great New Year’s Celebration to everybody and I hope to keep up this level through 2020 – the bar is high now!

top 10 swiss bloggers



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