Skiing with Tschuggen Gran Hotel group in Arosa
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Win a week in Arosa at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel.

Beatrice Lessi

Tschuggen Hotel Arosa: The Top Service In The World.

You might be wondering if this is a bit of an exaggeration: is it possible to state that a hotel has the top service in the world? Well, if you are like me and love being remembered, treated like the only important customer, sharing a joke, being surrounded by people in a good mood who are clearly in their element and work hard for long hours, always with a smile…then you will appreciate what I personally thought was the best service I have ever experienced – and I have been in many luxury hotels.

tesla tschuggen

Only top quality

arosa skiing

Winter paradise in Arosa

geri lying snow tschuggen

Feeling like a kid

Google Style In Traditional Swiss Environment

After two days of being treated like Royalty (actually better, because I never felt the service was stuffy or formal), I wondered if the staff had been trained by Google. You know all the stories you hear about their friendly approach, creative environment,  proactive behaviour and enthusiasm of employees? There is a similar, refreshing atmosphere at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel.

Let me give you some examples: Geri and I arrived at the Arosa station and a driver picked us up. He was clearly informed and knew who we were. At reception of the Grand Hotel Tschuggen, everybody was prepared and had the papers ready for us. We checked into the room in record time. Later, at the reception area, a smiling man in retro look carrying  old style wooden skis welcomed me, and I thought he was so cool that I immediately asked him for a picture. He was the general manager, Leo Maissen, but to be honest he was interacting so much with the rest of the staff (and helping with any humble task as well, smiling and talking cheerfully), that I would have never thought he could be their boss. Obviously he posed with me for 10 pictures, instead of one. After that we went to pick up our skis and gear. When the staff realised I am an extra small and nothing would fit me, the shop lady, also very tiny, went home to get me her personal skiing jacket and lend it to me at no cost! And hey, I didn’t even ask – she simply did it.

beatrice lessi leo maissen

With Leo Maissen, modelling for Ask the Monsters

geri blanket arosa

Just relax – you are taken care of

bea hot air baloonn

The hot air balloon – another treat while skiing

Our Private Mountain

The reason why Geri and I were invited to the Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa was an exclusive event, Private Mountain, that marks the official opening of the skiing season. This means that bloggers, press and general public flock to a fully booked hotel, and the decor, offers and activities change for 4 days.  Skiing was the best part! We had all the slopes for us, non-stop sun and blue sky, live music, coffee and chocolate at the initial station and then champagne, warm soup, snacks, and live music at every following station. A group of skiers dressed up in retro look posed with us for pictures. A hot-air balloon offered an incredible view from high. Local residents told us stories of the past. Games and competitions were organised for anybody who wanted to join. An “Alpine Chic ” party allowed us to show off our dirndl. A man at the piano accompanied our dinners and breakfast. We were given free skis, skiing gear and complete assistance. Evelyn Gorgos, PR-Manager of the Tschuggen Hotel Group, explained us a lot about the area and the local traditions, and joined us on the slopes. We really liked Evelyn and how passionate about her work she is.

geri tschuggen arosa hotel

bea geri tschuggen sunbeds

We owned the mountain!

bea geri dirndl tschuggen

At the Heidi und Peter party, proud of our dirndl

What Makes the Tschuggen Grand Hotel Different

Breathtaking views. A spa designed by star architect Mario Botta. A private rail. A Michelin-starred restaurant, La Vetta. The “clean eating” option. The n. 2 Best Winter Hotel in Switzerland. But in my opinion, the real difference is… the people who work there.

geri view tschuggen

Room with a view

tschuggen arosa bench

Tradition and modernity in Arosa


Mario Botta Spa’s Birthday

The beautiful Tschuggen Grand Hotel‘s Spa in Switzerland, called  Berg Oase, is celebrating 10 years this Christmas. For the occasion, a 5 mt. tall Swarovski tree with crystal ornaments has been set in the middle of its entrance. The 18th December the Mario Botta Spa will be open to everybody for the special price of 35 CHF, instead of the normal 65 CHF, and will close at 22:30 – a festive, romantic way to spend a full day and evening in an enchanting atmosphere in Tschuggen Arosa. And even better: you can win a week in the hotel.

beatrice mario botta spa tschuggen

Star architect Mario Botta designed the indoor and outdoor area of the Spa

spa tschuggen

Watch the snow while enjoying the warm waters of the spa

beatrie pool candle tschuggen

Relax at candle light in the Tschuggen Spa Hotel Switzerland

How to Win

Take a selfie with your favourite Christmas star and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #tschuggenstars. The best photo will be chosen the 24th December and will win a week in the Tschuggen Grand Hotel. Merry Christmas and enjoy Arosa!

blanket tschuggen

Use the hashtag #tschuggenstars and win

geri pool tschuggen

The outside pool for swimming surrounded by snow

bea pool tschuggen spa

Brrrr, shall I stay out, or dive in?





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