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White Turf – At The Ballroom of the Alps

Beatrice Lessi

The Festsaal der Alpen was a title of a mountaineering book written by the German author Walther Fleig. Ever since this name has been commonly been used to describe the over Engadine region and I love the definition – it immediately came to my mind when I attended the White Turf St. Moritz.

Swiss Top Events

I write for H, the Swiss Deluxe Hotels magazine, that is official partner of  Swiss Top Events , and that’s why I noticed the invitation in my inbox: I had never been and decided to attend  the first of the three last Sunday, 6th February (next ones will be 13th and 20th February) in the winter sunshine on the frozen lake among the stunningly beautiful, snow-capped mountains of St Moritz.

A Glamorous History

The International Horse Races White Turf St. Moritz are a unique event that started in 1907. After a year break, they are back in their full splendour: lively music, gourmet catering, art exhibitions, VIP tent with local and international personalities, elegant ladies with dogs and big sunglasses,  race-horse owners, trainers and jockeys from all over the world. Credit Suisse has been a sponsor for 30 years, and Kulm Hotel the place where trophies of the Cresta Run are given.

What Stayed and What Changed

St.Moritz has a population of 5’000 people. 7’000 visitors arrived the first day, and 12’000 for the Polo Tournament one week before: the enthusiasm for this beautiful location remains. What changed is for sure furs: I only saw two Asian women wearing real ones, and heard many guests and influencers discussing about the well-being of the horses or asking about vegan catering.

Champagne on the ice was a must! I felt I was the only one drinking water. All in all, a beautiful day in the snow. Not sure it was my thing, but I definitely enjoyed myself.

Jenny and Heinz Hunkeler of the Kulm Hotel

The iconic views from Kulm Hotel

A day in full action

Typical White Turf

At the photo exhibition by Juerg Kaufmann




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