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Whohoo…Who’s That Girl?

Beatrice Lessi

Drumroll please, we have a new girl for the Ask the Monsters Team! I am delighted to introduce you to Germina Preses.

Her bio: Swiss-Italian, born in Bosnia Herzegovina and grown up in Lugano, Geri studied psychology in London and later followed her passion for the fashion industry. She moved to Zurich where she worked as retail buyer, and, in 2015, became the Project Manager of ChicOverdose, Xenia Tchoumi’s Blog, developing a strong passion and next generation expertise about online business. In short, she is a social media guru!

I knew Geri virtually because we both worked for Chic Overdose. When we finally decided to have a coffee together, we hit it off and started to consider working together also for Ask the Monsters. Geri immediately won me with her openness and vision – and her good mood! We have had a blast since then.

The best way to get an idea about Geri’s life is through some images I found on her @gefficiel Instagram profile – in the future, you’ll see her featured here as well.


Geri in Park Hotel Vitznau, Switzerland, for the Philips Beauty Event.

geri xenia

With her best friend, Xenia Tchoumi, in Dubai for Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience – Vogue Italia


A sunny winter day in London – time to wear over-the-knees boots!

geri NY

NYFW February 2016


In Zurich, at the Modissa rooftop


Coffee time…actually, for geri it’s always coffee time!


Enjoying the Mexican sun

In New York with Xenia Tschoumi and the fashion bunch

In New York with Xenia Tschoumi and the fashion bunch


Black-and-white in Morocco


In Dubai with Vogue italia

Sun, sand, water, joy!

Sun, sand, water, joy!


Best friends since 19 years, Geri and Xenia


In Mexico with Xenia


New York: freezing in style


Ready for the Gala


bea geri longchamp

Bea and Geri in Zurich discussing new projects. Both Leather coats are by Longchamp – SparklePR and events. Photo: Calum James Photography

  1. Geri is a great addition to the team! And Likewise I found you (Beatrice) and Geri via Chicoverdose as Xenia knows! I always tell her your articles on chicoverdose is always awesome and engaging for a reader like myself. She appreciates it of course. And Geri is great too! I loved her Dubai Article and I’m excited for new content.

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