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WIN Panasonic – Japanese Rituals At Home

Beatrice Lessi

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Being bloggers, Geri and I often have the chance to try the latest beauty treatments and devices the market can offer. But what we really consider extremely important is home treatments – the tools one can use regularly and that make a long-lasting difference to your skin.

The Japanese Rituals Collection of three Panasonic products, now available at Manor, offers the best of technology and Asian philosophy to relax and create your personal spa at home. And we tried it!

From Saucepan to Nano-Ionic Technology

I confess: I have been using a saucepan full of hot water and a towel over my head for years, to get the wonderfully deep cleaning (and relaxing) effect of steam, so I chose the Facial Steamer by Panasonic to find out more about the collection.

Nothing beats steam, and some things don’t change. What changes is how much more easily and effectively one can do it today, thanks to the nano-ionic technology.

How to use the Facial Sauna

To deep cleanse your skin, get rid of impurities and “drink” moisture:

1- Fill the water tank depending on what you want to achieve:

  • full (approx 12 min) for total moisturising
  • medium (approx 6 min) for quick moisturising before make-up
  • lowest level (approx 3 min) for deep cleansing

2. Set the water tank

3. Open the lid

4. Turn on the power switch

5. Position the face at least 20 cm from the lid

6. Apply make-up remover to the face in the steam

7. Rub the make-up remover around the eyes from outside in. On the face, massage it from inside out. Massage the product also on nose, chin, laugh lines.

8. Rinse to finish


Increase in moisture and elasticity, fewer visible wrinkles and pores. Personally, I find that, with a cleaner and more elastic skin, I also need less make-up or foundation. Slightly red areas are eliminated. Impurities are gone. Glowing appearance.

panasonic japanese rituals

Ready to add moisture to my skin

panasonic japanese rituals

Position yourself at about 20 cm from the steam

panasonic japanese rituals

The gentle warmth and relaxing noise of water/steam makes the facial sauna a relaxing experience. Glowing!

panasonic japanese rituals

Open the lid and let the steam work its magic

How To Use The Anti-Aging Enhancer

You might not believe this, but Geri thinks her skin is not so good (I know! She looks fantastic) so she is always interested in trying new techniques to boost her beauty routine to the max. She wanted to try the  Anti-Aging Enhancer  because it magnifies the effectiveness of the products she is already using – a tech “doping” to make her skin look at its absolute best.

Here is how it works:

The 3-in-1 microcurrent device uses sonic vibration, warm and cool technology and tiny charges that stimulate the ions in the body to improve both natural and product-enhanced hydration (so you can use it with or without your favourite creams or serums).

The enhancer  is activated when the metal plate on the front touches your face and your hand is in contact with the metal plate on the back.

The 3-in-1 system, as the name suggests, has  three functions (just press the button to switch from one to the other, or go to auto mode to get all three in a sequence).

  1. Purifying : this mode cleanses pores and improves skin complexion. An alternating current of positive and negative ions creates a gentle heat and extracts 60 % more impurity from your pores.
  2. Mosturizing: it uses and electro osmotic flow to improve molecular water moving, causing a 40% deeper penetration of moisturising ingredients/your favourite moisturiser.
  3. Cooling: it cools down, feels nice and also tightens your skin and reduces puffiness.


Improves skin complexion. Decreases puffiness. Tightens the skin. Makes skin more even. Enhances the effect of any product you already use.

Panasonic japanese rituals

Every day ritual by Panasonic

Panasonic japanese rituals

Gently stimulating products absorption, and tightening your skin

Panasonic japanese rituals

Your anti-aging magic wand


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