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You Can’t Get Bored In Tel Aviv

Beatrice Lessi

Trendy and Chilled

How would you describe a trendy place? For me it’s often the combination of beautiful people, lively atmosphere, busy cafes or bars, nice architecture or interior design. There is plenty of that in Tel Aviv – no way you get bored in this nonstop city. Is it because of the tech community, that brings new talents, money and ideas in ? Or is it because, surprisingly, people in Tel Aviv don’t seem to be in a rush, or constantly on the phone, and instead take time to go out?

tel aviv ask the monsters

A kid at the market, choosing a sweet

tel aviv ask the monsters

Busy stalls and noisy vendors – the market is fun! Jacket and silk top by Schild

Nonstop City

Whatever the reason, this city hardly sleeps.

I went running on the seashore early in the morning and met already quite a lot of joggers, people going for breakfast, tourists enjoying the outdoors. During the day, I saw locals going to markets, shops, schools, work, landmarks. In the evening,  streets were lit up by restaurants and bars. If you like a lively place, then Tel Aviv is ideal.

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Street Art in Tel Aviv

tel aviv ask the monsters

Colours and flavours of the city

Literally Beautiful: The Old City of Jaffa

Coming from cold Zurich, the first day I immediately went to visit Old Jaffa and its Port to enjoy the mild weather and sun. The name Jaffa comes from the Hebrew word yafah (הפי), meaning “beautiful” – when I saw its winding alleyways interspersed with art galleries, stone buildings, mosques, churches and stunning views from the hill,  I could understand why.

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The beautiful stones of Old Jaffa. Top and jeans: Schild. Bag: Maison Mollerus

Make a Wish – What’s Your Star Sign?

Another lovely spot in the old city is the magical bridge connecting the Peak Park to Kdumim Square

The legend says that, if you hold your star sign and watch the sea while making a wish, your dream comes true – I looked at the sea and seized the moment: it was  intense because the place is so beautiful and the people around me also did it and seemed to take it seriously.

tel aviv ask the monsters

Watch the sea and make a wish

A Day Trip To Jerusalem

Being a Catholic I have heard a lot of stories about Jerusalem (and seen movies, watched paintings etc – so I had a very vivid imagination about it) and always had this trip in my bucket list. It took me a long time to actually go, because I felt it’s such a serious thing to do, and would it be safe, I wondered?

Apart from the fact that Jerusalem is really well kept and renovated in many parts (its beige stones, palm trees, views and wide spaces make it very pretty), well…I am very empathic and felt the emotions of people surrounding me.  So yes, it was definitely worth the trip, and I have hardly experienced something similar in my life.

tel aviv ask the monsters

Palm trees, old stones, blue sky: Jerusalem

tel aviv ask the monsters

A sense of holiness


Holiness Is All Around

At the Western Wall I could really sense how the women around me (who are separated from men to pray, so I could observe them well while I watched the men from a distance) concentrated and felt the importance of the ritual. At the Holy Sepulchre I also experienced a deep sense of sacredness. This is the place where, according to tradition, Jesus was crucified, and then buried (the tomb is empty because he then resurrected, the tradition says). I don’t think you can go there and not feel how people really respect the holiness of the location. Whatever your faith is, or isn’t, you’ll experience something intense.

The mix of different religions makes Jerusalem an incredible melting pot and gives you a lot of food for thought. Personally, I wondered where all the differences are – as I said, I could “connect” to people and almost share their deep emotions. I left the sites wondering why we are all fighting so much.

tel aviv ask the monsters

A cat enjoys the mild sun in front of the Western Wall

tel aviv ask the monsters

Close to praying women, I sensed their emotions and felt connected

tel aviv ask the monsters

Watching from far

Back to Trending Tel Aviv

Back to the city,  I enjoyed some of its shopping areas and the fabulous Museum of Modern Art, where collections of very recognisable paintings are displayed with great harmony.

I stayed at Hotel Rotschild 22, a modern building (Facebook offices are also located there) in the middle of Rotschild Boulevard. The beautiful street is lined by big trees and is perfect for strolling, people watching and cafes hopping. The hotel is clearly one of the places to be and I loved it, but be warned: the rooms are really tiny.

tel aviv ask the monsters

Hotel Rotschild 22 – the Facebook offices are right on top of it. Dress: Schild

tel aviv ask the monsters

Freshly made and delicious – incredible food is offered everywhere

What I Found Different

I found Tel Aviv quite different from any European city or big capital I knew. Instead of the usual line of globalised shops like Zara, H&M or Mc Donald’s, I saw an array of diverse places that give Tel Aviv a wonderful flair of its own.

The music you hear here is different, the clothes are different, the food is different: that’s why the city can offer such a unique experience.

The Perfect Break

Be it for a weekend or for a longer holiday, I recommend Tel Aviv warmly. Relaxing, romantic, intense, but also simply good for a short break, this city is a little gem in the middle of different cultures and will make you think about our differences. Hopefully, about what we all have in common too.

tel aviv ask the monsters

Endless spices – even the Tuscan ones










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