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5 Skills All Highly Charming People Have

Beatrice Lessi

Carlette Charms

You have more charm in your left pinky toe than most women experience in all their lives

Must have been the best compliment I have ever received – and that was something a friend told me recently, while I was wearing (I don’t think is a coincidence) some rose gold and silver charms by Swiss jewellery maker Carlette. But I am going off topic. Being charming is an art, and it can be learnt. While observing the most charming people in my life and also reading about positive psychology, I found some tips that can be useful to increase your charms. Charming people…

Photos: Funky Forty

1.Give Attention to Others

..and make others feel important.

 2.Have a Sense of Freedom

Sometimes they are considered a bit weirdo. They embrace their flaws and look friendly for that.

3.Feel Approachable

Charming people don’t judge, and their body language shows it. They are loose and ready to communicate with people they don’t know.

4.Smile Often

Put a pencil in your mouth, and you will feel happier. The famous experiment shows it: if you smile, you’ll feel better for real. Other people will perceive it.

5.Admit Their Mistakes

Nobody likes perfection. Saying sorry makes you approachable, and doesn’t lower the opinion others have of you – quite the opposite.

Bonus Tip: Can I Charm You?

My final charming tip is about looks: presenting yourself at your best, and in a way that reflects exactly your personality. Carlette charms are called like that for a reason: they have a playful and sophisticated ability to keep your eye looking at them, and they can be added, mixed and matched to look new and different all the time. I particularly love mixing rose gold and silver. In real life, often the metals in your bag, belt, glasses or watch can be mismatched. I love using that to create harmony. People rarely realise my Carlette necklaces are in different metals, and all they see is light and movement, with sparkling charms that can be observed one by one and tell a story.

Carlette Jewellery

Internationally patented and Swiss designed,  Carlette is a Swiss based jewellery maker that motives you to to become your own designer. Each individual  personality can be put into value through its modular concept. Its three collections, FeminineGlamour and Every Day, in rose gold and silver, describe different events, moods and expressions of the same woman.

Great for an Active Life

And here’s my favorite part!

Carlette jewels are resistant to external factors such as creams, perfumes, sea water, pool water. You can forget to take them off and use them to run, hike, or simply look elegant at the beach or any outdoor activity.

Introducing an industrial element, Carlette helps each of us to become our own designers. You can add, replace or change any of the Carlettes, screwing them to the base system, preparing you for any unexpected event of the day.

Find your own style on the Carlette jewellery website. Happy charming!

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