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Bellezza, Longevity and a Painfree Life – Physioaesthetics Group

Beatrice Lessi

Famous Clients

Oh My God, was she…is she…is she the woman I am thinking of?

I asked Silvia Vanzetti, founder and CEO of Physioaesthetics Group Zurich, when entering the door. A tall, extremely good looking woman had just exited and really looked like someone very famous.

She might be!

Silvia answered with a smile, before making the gesture of tightening her lips with her right hand.

We must be in Switzerland: discretion is a must. So I am not allowed to say who she was, but I guess she might be a career woman with a place on lake Como….anyway she had just been visiting the new Swiss Centre for physioaesthetics, a discipline incorporating longevity medicine, pre and postoperative treatments, physiotheraphy, medical massages and much more.

And it’s the much more I was very interested in. I wanted Bellezza (“beauty”, in Italian) because that means good looks, good health, and longevity.  Did I want it all? Hell, yes!



The other reason why I went to the Physioaesthetics Group (which is in central Zurich, near Park Hyatt), was to get rid of my eternal back pain and my foot (arthritis) problem.

Silvia, CEO and founder,  tested me in different ways.

Since I also asked some directions for the general improvement of my running form and – of course – of my looks, she analysed my posture in depth, my body composition, my health and running history, and then got to work. To make a long story short: I got rid of my pains and tensions through medical massage, foot massage and breathing exercises. I was also told how to walk, run and breath in a slightly different way, and at the same time I really felt encouraged to go on doing my favorite activities – Silvia  is a bit of a psychologist too; she cares for her client ‘s life quality and passions. The changes she suggested are realistic, gradual and tailor made. A very refreshing approach, very different from all the doctors, sport doctors, technicians and highly specialised people who, up to now, had observed me and, to be honest, always criticised me (too much running, bad position, and so on).

If you want a strategy, some no-sweat and long lasting changes in your life, and you are also interested in beauty treatments, here there is everything available, under one umbrella.


Personally I didn’t do any specific aesthetic treatment, but at Physioaesthetics Group one can also have a skin analysis done, and from there can access a different range of rejuvenating treatments, for body and face (micro needling, radiofrequency, manual Japanese lifting or face yoga with Caviar of Switzerland and Juvena of Switzerland cosmetics, soft laser, red-light therapy and so on).


Post Op

In addition to Physiotherapy longevity programs, Physioaesthetics Group also takes care of your post aesthetic or post therapeutic surgery. Their specialised recovery treatment addresses:



-body mobility


-skin quality

-scar healing.

This comprehensive approach ensures your surgery results are not just restored, but optimised for long-lasting excellence.

One Address

For me it’s a great advantage not having to go to different doctors and specialists, and being able to receive a holistic analysis and treatment all in one place. Silvia has selected some of the best people in the industry and can offer the latest technology in the field too.

If you want to see tips, exercises and practical examples, go to Physioaesthetics Group’s Instagram profile. Happy longevity!



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