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Cloudmonsters – Performing Shoes for a Monster Blogger

Beatrice Lessi

There’s nothing weird about performing with a pair of the new Cloudmonster shoes on, but something weird happens when people try them for the first time. Everybody smiles or looks puzzled or jumps a bit, and the  conversation is always funny. But when you use your monster shoes for a run or a race, the feeling really is new. I tried them for a half marathon in Milan. The bouncy feeling is comfortable and pushes you forward, not only vertically. The look is modern and stands out even on a Milan catwalk! My color, mint green, was of course the best…and I am not biased, hehe.

Anyway, since my blog is called ask the monsters, this was an obvious choice for me, and I am glad I tried them right after they were launched. I am going to say something that I’m probably not allowed to, but these shoes feel a bit like Hoka (and sorry – they look better).

If you want a very comfortable performing shoe, the Cloudmonster might be exactly the one for you.

My clothes are from On.


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