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Cuteness Overload – Finally I have A Boy

Beatrice Lessi

Record Bad

I normally kill all flowers and plants and never had a pet in my whole life – actually when I was a kid I once had two turtles and managed to kill them by mistake.

So every time my three daughters asked me to get a dog, I refused. I didn’t have time, I had zero knowledge and I was even afraid for the dog, with such a bad owner.

What Happened?

It was a combination of factors that made me change my mind. I wanted to thank my teenager girls for being such loving, positive kids and citizens, and give them what they’ve been asking for so long. I wanted to be more outdoors and less on the phone (my back is already grateful). I wanted to be out of my comfort zone and learn something I knew nothing about. I wanted to challenge the sentence “I have no time”: we all have time, if we are interested in something.

cuteness overload

Simba with my middle daughter, Nicole


That’s why we got Simba, a two and a half months Lagotto (i.e. truffle dog) we found in Ticino, so he already speaks Italian!

Since I haven’t started dog school yet, right now he is totally spoiled, uneducated and even a bit macho. My fault. We have it good together and we laugh a lot. And yes, he makes me mad as well, sometimes. But not much. There is always room for improvement… I promise we will more disciplined starting from February on.

Welcome Simba!

Photos: Funky Forty and myself.

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