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An Entrepreneur And A Gentleman: The Man Behind Von Moos Pens

Beatrice Lessi

Splendid Instruments

Diamonds, precious stones, exotic woods, sensual shapes: the Von Moos fountain pens have no equal in terms of writing instruments and have rapidly become a status symbol in the hands of the “who is who”of the wealthy individuals around the world.

André Von Moos

But who’s the man behind the firm, and how did he start to produce these beautiful pieces? André Von Moos is a Swiss entrepreneur from Lucerne, with a deep passion for traditions and luxury. I met him in his home town, where we had a walk on the famous Chapel Bridge, and I asked him some questions.

von moos fountain pens

André Von Moos on the famous Chapel Bridge, Lucerne.


Beatrice: How did you passion for luxury start?

André: In the cradle – I always loved beautiful things. Luxury, for me, means life quality.

Beatrice: And your passion for pens?

André: I care for relationships and for people. Today, we hardly have time for real friendships. Paying attention to a friend can be done with  a small gesture like hand writing a letter or card. Taking the time for that, instead of writing an email, has become a luxury. It motivates people to choose the words, respect grammar, take some time to think about the message. Try it and you’ll see how people love it!

Beatrice: What is the meaning of the precious stones you use for the Von Moos Pens?

André: Ruby promotes courage and creativity and protects against harm. Emerald has a calming effect and counterbalances a hot temper. Sapphire help to combat tinnitus and alleviate claustrophobia.

Beatrice: So what is your favourite stone, and why?

André: Rubies are my favorite. They represent life, warmth, love and fire.

von moos fountain pens

Precious stones of any color can be used to customise each Von Moos pen

Beatrice: Is it true that once you decided in ten minutes to fly to an unknown person, to show him a selection of your pens?

André: Absolutely. I believe in man’s goodness and consider an honour being asked to see my pens – only a person who deeply loves luxury would do that. He called me from abroad and there wasn’t a shop near him, so I flew to his hotel. He bought a collection of pens!

Beatrice : If you could have anybody you wish as a testimonial, who would you choose?

André: Roger Federer and Sofia Loren, for example: people who reached a top lifestyle and can very well represent luxury.

 Beatrice: As a kid, were you already using a fountain pen?

André: When I was little, I used all types of pens. But I noticed that, with a fountain pen, my writing became more and more accurate and beautiful.

Beatrice: and is this still valid in the era of technology?

André: Even more so. Mixing tradition and technology is the key to a beautiful lifestyle.

von moos fountain pens

André Von Moos pens are hand-made in Switzerland

Beatrice: Do Von Moos Pens need maintenance?

André: Yes, and this becomes a pleasure, not a duty – it’s part of the enjoyment of owning a beautiful object.

Beatrice: Do clients ask you to personalise their pens?

André: More and more people enjoy giving a personalised pen as a present, with their name on it, or simply using the precious materials they prefer. Here is my André Von Moos logo, I did for myself. It’s getting cold – let’s photograph it on your furry bag! (laughs)

It’s getting cold!

The bespoke Churchill pen. Photo: vonmoos-manufaktur.ch

von moos fountain pens

Precious details, sensual shapes: the Sophia Loren pen




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