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How To Beat A Bad Mood – Happy Tricks

Daria, Lausanne

You seem so positive and always happy, how do you do it? And what do you do when you have a bad day and feel sad or grumpy?

Beatrice Lessi

The heat wave is on, we all get nervous, moods are changing all the time.

Personally, I am gifted with some genetically optimistic vibes, because most days I do feel in a good mood, and that life is beautiful. But when hormones are wrong, or something bad happens, etc…of course I have sad moments. How do I escape? In my experience, there are 2 phases to go through.

  1. Let the unhappiness in and wait for a while. If your body is giving you a bad moment, you need to experience it, at least partially. Wait some hours or whatever you need, and don’t rush into fighting it. Being happy all the time is impossible and unnatural – don’t let society impose you some unreachable goals.
  2. React – Do It Your Way .    

So what is your way? Here are some tricks that work for me:


  • Sunbathe Early in the morning during the heat wave – go out for at least 5 minutes and feel the gentle warmth. At lunchtime (the warmest moment) in winter – if there is some sun, open the window and also expose yourself for a short while
  • Move Walk, stretch, run. It does make a difference. Very little and often is much better than hard work, with inactive periods in between
  • Perform a ritual Have a coffee with whipped cream, listen to your favourite song, buy yourself a flower (but avoid compulsive shopping)
  • Make love Not always possible, but it does work
  • Write a to-do list, and get things done (the process releases dopamine)
  • Do something creative Write, paint, use your hands – make something just for the pleasure of it
  • Do a good deed Visit someone you haven’t visited for a while, make a small donation, give away a nice dress you don’t use anymore, find something small and meaningful to do
  • Get dressed drop dead gorgeous Use fashion and beauty to get a smile – go full way!
  • Visit a Zoo, a Planetarium, a museum Feed your brain in a calm environment. Anything intelligent will make you feel at peace with yourself
  • Look for Humour Watch a funny video, take a funny picture, goof around with your best friend
  • Accept your feelings Take every emotion as a help to understand how to proceed in life – this is the human way to get motivated and progress

    Impersonating Yoko Ono and John Lennon – we laughed a lot to do this!

A ritual always helps

Enjoy the sun – in the freshest hours in Summer, in the warmest ones in Winter

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