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He Says, She Says – Q36.5

Beatrice Lessi

Hands up!

He says: Q36.5 makes outstanding bicycle clothes and accessories. But how do I convince Beatrice, who is not so much a passionate cyclist, to try some of the finest gear? Of course, I try it by telling her that Q36.5 is Italian which seems to work. Italians do it better (and they also do eat better)!

She says: You are a psychologist: the italianità got me! And I also heard from many “real cyclists” (not like me) that their quality is really good. Reputation is important to me and that’s why I always ask around. I might not feel at ease riding downhill fast, but I sure can tell good sport fabrics and good fit.

She says:  What does Q36.5 actually mean?

He says: Q stands for Quaerere which is Latin for research, and 36.5 is the optimal body temperature in Celsius.

He says: Since Beatrice loves to go to events I think timing could not be more ideal because Q36.5 is just opening their first flagship store at the Bärengasse in Zürich. Before I even get to take my winter jacket off, I spot Beatrice who is already wearing the latest cycling gear for next season. I am a bit jealous because I don’t have any of it yet. But my idea is to test two of the coolest Q36.5 products out in the cold at the Bahnhofstrasse. So we both grab the adventure insulation vest and a pair of the anfibio winter gloves.

She says: Dear Stefan, If I wait for you  before trying the good stuff on, I probably become a grandma in the meantime…you might beat me on two wheels, but I’m not sure about the rest. So I was simply faster than you and the Summer collection caught my eye. It wasn’t only the fit (that I can tell immediately, just looking at a garment), but also the colours. I really don’t know why sporty people tend to wear black, black and more black. I find it boring and in winter even depressing – I am always on the look for bright colours and I think they help to train well!

He says: I must admit I have gotten these two products a couple of weeks ago and I have fallen in love with them. The vest is not only stylish enough to walk down Zurich’s most expensive shopping mile without being recognized as a cyclist. It can be easily worn over casual clothes. The olive colour really looks fashionable enough to walk into the Louis Vuitton store or what do you think Beatrice?

She says: As I was saying, aesthetically this range is unbeatable. The olive colour of the winter collection is classic and neutral, a great alternative to black and a very contemporary one. You can also wear it again and again and you’ll hardly notice, because the style is so calm. Zips and seamless details make the insulation perfect and beautiful to look at. I know about the insulation because I was out, in light rain and snow. You can see from my face that I am still smiling, I guess my body temperature kept being 36.5.

He says: The gloves are my absolute favourite product from Q36.5 at the moment. They look cool and keep my hands warm at any time. While they seem to be just a cute pair of wool mittens, they are not. Designed with a three layer fabric that includes a waterproof membrane between two polyamide layers, the gloves are more breathable and prevent the condensation process next to the skin which commonly occurs with a normal neoprene material. So I use my anfibios to go for walks with the dog as well as road-, gravel and mountainbike rides.She says: You are always copying me: it was my idea, to use them for the dog. Gloves are such an underrated accessory, they can make your life miserable or great, so in this case I can finally forget about the looks and privilege the good technique. And these gloves can deliver both. Thumbs up! I think that, if I have to choose one product, it’s going to be this one.

He says: Ok, one might ask themselves what the advantage of these Q36.5 products  besides being very exclusive and quite costly. They were made to function better, be lighter, last longer and more sustainable. “How sustainable?” Will Beatrice ask for sure…95% of the Q36.5 production is done within 350km of their headquarters in Bolzano.

She says: That also explains the price. I do believe that we all need to buy less, and better. Fast fashion exists also for sport, and I am absolutely against it – in fact very passionately against it – you can imagine, because you know my temper…

He says: So did I convince you Beatrice? Are you ready to go cycling with me in the dolomites next year? Of course in the rain or snow to test how well the innovative fabrics and products of Q36.5 really are.

She says: The Dolomites sound fine, and rain or snow are ok too. You can bike, and I’ll run. Then we go back to the hotel and I show off my layering – did you know that they make also a best selling bra that one can wear underneath and  is perfect for yoga? Men….they have no idea.


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