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How I Turned Phase Two Into Bikini Time

Beatrice Lessi

You might be reading this from a city flat and think: “that b***ch, she even has a boat! Of course her phase two is almost like a holiday…

And I do agree that living in Switzerland and having access to its lakes is a luxury indeed.

But the boat isn’t mine (I go regularly with a dear friend who owns it),  and time and good weather are limited.  So my strategy has always been: as soon as you have a chance, go to your terrace or to the lake or anywhere beautiful, and behave like it’s a real holiday.

Reading the news in the last two months was really depressing, so I did try to keep that to the minimum, and go outdoors and enjoy nature as much as possible. My favourite sailing spot? The lake of Lucerne. After cleaning the mast, having a snack or a gelato at the local coffee shop is a sweet and fun way to boost its local business too. Try Tivoli am See for royal treatment.

My bikinis are 5 years old and I still love them for their fit and solid colours, my trousers are by Raffaello Rossi, my shoes by On Running. My current read, which I warmly suggest to anybody who’s interested in becoming a bit wilder, is Rebel Talent, by Harvard Professor Francesca Gino.

Holiday is also a feeling – let’s smile and enjoy the long days and great weather!