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How to photograph on a grey (summer) day

Beatrice Lessi

I recently visited Bern, on a glorious Summer day. But when I arrived in my hotel room, it started to rain. Then I realised the grey weather was actually better to photograph myself in front of the window, because normally the light from behind makes it impossible to show both the window view and the person. I also realised that this year I’ve taken a lot of beautiful and dramatic photos on overcast days, so I put together some little tips that might help to take pictures in such conditions.

  • Bump your camera ISO up (400-800)
  • Lower the temperature on Lightroom to make the sky turn a light blue
  • Photograph details/zoom in (and forget about the sky)
  • Try a portrait in front of the window. Use the flash, and always try both options (with or without flash)
  • Photograph water (rain, fountains, moving water)
  • Use animals as a subject; grey weather can show their emotions/spirituality
  • Notice other colours popping out, like blue on ice
  • Keep an eye out for rainbows.


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