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Intense Portraits by Steve McCurry

Beatrice Lessi

Steve McCurry is an America photo journalist best known for his portrait of an Afghan girl that became the cover of a famous National Geographic issue and the most popular and recognisable picture on earth.
His blog, Stevemccurry.wordpress.com, is a delightful and regularly updated source of thought-provoking, gorgeous images. its latest newsletter is a collection of portraits, to which I add the already famous one at the end. Eye candy and a tour around the world!

Italian Girl


From the series “Sensational Umbria”. Photo: https://stevemccurry.wordpress.com/

Indian Man

00735_19, Rajasthan, India, 2010, INDIA-11024. An elderly man from the Rabari Tribe. MAX PRINT SIZE: 40x60 India_Book final print_MACRO final print_Sao Paulo final_Last Roll of Kodachrome Fine Art Print retouched_Sonny Fabbri 12/2015

A visually stunning portrait of an enderly man from, Rajasthan, India. Photo: https://stevemccurry.wordpress.com/

Afghanistan Miner

steve mc curry

Coal Miner, Pul i Khumri, Afghanistan. Photo: https://stevemccurry.wordpress.com/

South African Woman


DSC_7133; Etnia; South Africa; 2013. A woman with blue sunglasses and black hat. retouched_Ekaterina Savtsova;

A woman with blue sunglasses and black hat. Photo: https://stevemccurry.wordpress.com/

Baluchistan – Pakistan Man


01726_17, Balochistan, Pakistan, 05/1981, PAKISTAN-10059NF. A man in a turban forming his mustache. retouched_Sonny Fabbri 03/04/2015

A man in a turban forming his mustache. Photo: https://stevemccurry.wordpress.com/

Indonesian Woman

steve mc curry

Monsoons, Indonesia, woman covers herself from the rain. Photo: https://stevemccurry.wordpress.com/


Vietnam Little Girl


DSC_4040, Lavazza, Vietnam, 2013, VIETNAM-10087. A girl with a dog resting. MAX PRINT SIZE: 40x60 Coffee_Book retouched_Sonny Fabbri 10/15/2014 From These Hands. A Journey Along the Coffee Trail. Phaidon Press Limited.

A girl with a dog resting. Photo: https://stevemccurry.wordpress.com/

Yemen Kid


01270_12, Yemen, 03/1997, YEMEN-10201. A girl with a tall hat. retouched_Sonny Fabbri 10/3/2013

A girl with a tall hat. Photo: https://stevemccurry.wordpress.com/

Afghan Girl


The most iconic picture in the world – the girl has been found again years later. Photo: https://stevemccurry.wordpress.com/