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Magical Private Dinner At The Rijksmuseum

Beatrice Lessi

Why the Rijksmuseum

If you go to Amsterdam and have time for one museum only, make it the Rijksmuseum. In 2013, after a ten-year renovation which cost  375 million Euros, the museum has been reopened by Queen Beatrix (quite a good name for a Queen, don’t you think?). It was the most visited museum in 2013 and 2014  in the Netherlands.  The gorgeous garden is already worth a visit and offers regular exhibitions. I enjoyed drinks and live music (followed by a Golden Age Beauty tour and a spectacular dinner) in light of the Philips Beauty Summit. However, the of the museum wasinside a surprise to  me.

beatirce lessi marion scheithauer

In the Rijksmuseum garden with Marion Scheithauer, journalist for Maxi magazine. Photo courtesy of Stephan Gubler.

beatrice marion

Pre-dinner drinks with Marion. Photo courtesy of Stephan Gubler.

beatrice marion rijksmuseum

Inside the newly-decorated building – its renovation lasted 10 years and costed about 375 ml Euro. Photo courtesy of Stephan Gubler.

beatrice lessi shhh quiet

Shhhhh….we are in the library. Bracelet by Swarovski. Photo courtesy of Stephan Gubler.

library rijksmuseum

The library. Photo courtesy of Stephan Gubler.

My Absolute Highlight

I didn’t know that the Rijksmuseum offers the possibility of having a private party in front of its works of art. Yes, that’s right: for an entire evening you can sit near an absolute masterpiece and enjoy your dinner, talk, laugh, forget security issues and the world outside.  I had the privilege to sit right in front of The Night Watch by Rembrandt – and admired it very much so.

Its light is magical, the figures are nearly human size – Rembrandt manages to indulge someone in an illusion that the characters jump off the canvas and into real space – the scene is powerful.

I also left the dinner for a couple of  times to take pictures and explore more half deserted rooms (the Museum was open just for us) and felt like a kid in the candy shop. An incredible experience.

beatrice lessi rijksmuseum

Oh My. This is all for me! Photo courtesy of Stephan Gubler.

the night watch beatrice lessi

The Night Watch – simply a masterpiece. Photo courtesy of Stephan Gubler.

beatrice night watch

I happened to sit at the absolutely best table – I was in awe and kept asking for photos. Thank you Stephan! Photo courtesy of Stephan Gubler.

beatrice powerful men

President Obama was sitting here – this painting represents the most powerful men of the Golden Age. It suits me too! . Photo courtesy of Stephan Gubler.

beatrice hotel europe

Back to Hotel de l’Europe – it has been a beautiful evening in great company. Photo courtesy of Stephan Gubler.


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