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Millemiglia: an oasis of beauty and elegance

Beatrice Lessi

This year the most beautiful race in the world, Millemiglia –  believe it or not – was as good as usual; and some say even better.

The event normally  takes place in May. This time, for the reasons we all know, it was postponed to October, and Swiss people were not allowed to go to all regions of Italy. However, my husband and I managed to find a time window to visit on the route from Parma to Brescia. I spoke to a lot of people. To my surprise, the atmosphere was very upbeat.

It’s true that in the evenings, also because it was darker and colder than in the usual season, public was scarce. That was actually an advantage for us, since we could keep social distance easily. But during the day, entire villages, as usual, lined up on streets and roundabouts waiting for the beautiful old timers to pass and race, one after the other, often with open roofs, revealing stylish drivers in matching outfits (and masks!). Kids cheered with parents and grandparents, shouting che bella macchina! to many of the – indeed – gorgeous cars that are often worth millions. It was a pleasure to hear the sound of old engines, seeing them sprinting in the immaculately kept Italian villages you would never visit otherwise, escorted by police motorbikes and Carabinieri. 

Millemiglia must be the only place where luxury is still cheered and encouraged, where people have no envy and genuinely enjoy the beauty. In a world of protests, criticism and dispute, this event is an oasis of impeccable manners, cheerful etiquette, and genuine enthusiasm.

Four years ago my husband won the Tributo Ferrari race, as a co-pilot, so he says it doesn’t count. I hope this qualifies us to join once more the race, with me sitting near the driver,  and him as a “real” pilot, to have the experience of a lifetime.