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It’s the roads, not the vehicle that make the make the trip memorable

Beatrice Lessi

Being married with  a classic cars enthusiast and being myself a Millemiglia lover and above all a (traditional) Fiat 500  groupie, I have had different occasions to see and experience beautiful and rare cars. I have also been an Italian student driving a second-hand Panda, a third word rental cars user, and I recently blocked a street in Menton (France) because our Wolkswagen bus broke down. In short: I’ve tried it all, or almost.

Does a beautiful car equal a beautiful trip? You guessed it: not necessarily.

I am sure you have some wonderful memories of a memorable trip in s**ty conditions or in a bad car – because it’s exactly how they say: it’s the trip, not the destination, that counts. And not the car either. It’s in people, in learning new stuff, in going out of our comfort zone, in trying something new, in acting, moving, making mistakes and trying again.

Here is a small gallery of some beautiful cars I had the luck to try or photograph.

road vehicle

Visiting the Maserati HQ….in a Maserati 

road vehicle

Olt timers meeting in Punta Ala, Tuscany

road vehicle

My absolute favorite – “klein aber fine”, as the German speaking say

road not vehicle

Beautiful old ladies at the Dolder!

road vehicle

Mille Miglia memories

road vehicle

About 1 ml worth – that made me all excited!

road vehicle

Porsche meeting at the Furka Pass

road vehicle

The new version of my favorite car

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