mord im grand resort
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Mord im Grand Resort – A crime story in Bad Ragaz

Beatrice Lessi

Be careful these holidays! You might fall in an Agatha Christie movie, if you decide to visit  the famous swiss thermal waters in Gran Restort Bad Ragaz.I went there yesterday with Yvonne of Funkyforty for the launch of their first podcast, Mord im Grand Resort (in Swiss German).It was a fun evening that allowed us to discover all the hotel locations – and they are many! We got lost a couple of times because meeting James Bond, listening to a crime, and seeing a glamorous pool full of blood was not for the faint hearted. Laughing a lot and eating gourmet food we ended up having a great time and going back home entertained and relaxed.

Don’t miss the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Christmas decorations and famous chandelier, which are ideal to be photographed and simply full of festive atmosphere.




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