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Most Photogenic Libraries in the World

Beatrice Lessi

I have a Library Bucket List in my phone, and I add a name or location every time I bump into a picture of a library that leaves me speechless.

I made it to some of these places and was never disappointed: the combination of good looks and almost sacred atmosphere make libraries one of my favourite places to visit, especially when traveling.

I also have some very special memories of being pregnant and studying in the famous New York library, spending my husband’s 5oth birthday in Dublin, at Trinity College, spending a weekend alone in Lisbon, visiting the LX Factory and its bubbly bookstore.

Here is a gallery with my favourite libraries – they might inspire you for an upcoming trip, or simply to read a book!

1. Prague Library Monastery


2. Dublin – Trinity College

3. Admont, Austria

Admont, Austria

4. New York Library

New York Library

5. Boston, Massachusetts

6. Michigan Law, University of Michigan

The William W. Cook Legal Research Library – Michigan Law

7. Vienna National Library

Vienna National Library

8. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington