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My 30th Birthday in Marrakesch

Germina Preses

Turning 30 is an important occasion, and, since I am a Princess and my birthday is THE BIRTHDAY (I need attention and to celebrate fully!), I refused to celebrate in the cold Zurich weather. I decided to go to Morocco. Why Morocco? Because it is objectively fantastic, and I knew it already.

I spent the first 3 days at El Jadida, on the sea. It is a UNESCO protected environment of incredible natural beauty. After that, we moved to a surprise location – and what a surprise! As a globe trotter, I was lucky enough to visit many outstanding places, but this one beat them all. It’s called La Sultana, at Oualidia. I guess the right way to describe it is: a natural oasis in the middle of nowhere, on the sea, in the classic Oriental style, but with an attention to detail I have never seen before. A touch of wilderness makes it extremely special. We had the luxury and honour of staying in the only treehouse in the whole resort, reflecting my “monkey and princes” nature.


The tree house

Finally I went to Marrakesh and where my girls squad joined. What a mesmerising impact arriving at our own private Riad! It was built around a cloister and boosted a beautiful terrace in Medina. We spent the first afternoon in the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square and at the souk. Imagine 8 women in a souk! The rest is history…

Saturday night’s highlight was an unexpected crazy party at the Comptoir Darna  restaurant. Belly dancers, devils, angels and more performers created a one thousands and one night atmosphere . Sunday we enjoyed some free time, sunbathed and some of us went to the desert to ride quads and camels.

A last night all together was celebrated on a rooftop restaurant above the spice market.

If, as they say, relationships are the key to happiness, arriving at this milestone surrounded by strong, powerful, humble, independent and loving women made me realise how lucky and grateful I am for having such an amazing support in my life.





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