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Premium Secondhand – Best Swiss Luxury Vintage

Beatrice Lessi

Online or in the Shop, What Is Better?

If you love designer fashion and timeless pieces, at a fraction of the price, check out Premium Secondhand online. But if you happen to be in Thalwil (in Canton Zurich), try to find the time to visit the shop. Dominika, the owner, has much more, there, to show you. I guarantee you that she will get out exactly the piece you craved for. A quick look, and she will know your size and what suits you best. If, instead, you prefer to just browse items on your own, this place is a cornucopia of outfits and accessories that will entertain you for a while.

 Zurich Chic Ladies

Even just looking at other customers  is fun – many Zurich chic ladies shop in Premium Secondhand. When I visited, I couldn’t help observing how immaculately styled they were, simply while having a casual day or a walk with the dog.

Ethical Glamour

Everybody into fashion loves to find brands like Gucci, Celine, Loubutin, Vuitton, Prada, Tom Ford and many more at affordable prices. It’s nice to see how (hardly) used items get a new chance and a new life. Sometimes, the problem with sustainability is that clothes are boring. Here,  it goes together with glamour and a wow effect.

Fairtrade Gold – Lina Baumgarten

Lucky Monster, Skull, Dragonfly: in the shop one can also find a selection of handmade jewellery by Lina Baumgarten, who is a friend of the owner, and has named her collections inspired by these themes. Gold, Silver and platinum are recycled or Fairtrade, and diamonds are conflict free. Again,  the ethical approach is combined with fun and classic pieces.


premium secondhand

Hervé Leger dress and Dolce & Gabbana shoes

Wearing a Cavalli dress and checking classic black boots

premium secondhand

Like a Greek Goddess!

premium secondhand

Zimmermann mini dress, and Loubutin shoes


premium secondhand

A classic Valentino studded bag

premium secondhand

Timeless slingback

premium secondhand

It’s a Loubutin world

premium secondhand

Lina Baumgarten’s handmade bracelets


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