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Red Cross Gala 2019

Beatrice Lessi

604’000 CHF for Mothers and Children in Need

As John Lennon famously said:

For those of you in the cheap seats I’d like ya to clap your hands to this one; the rest of you can just rattle your jewelery

Yes,  any charity gala is always a bit of a moral conundrum: is it correct to dress up, eat gourmet food, dance and have fun while collecting money for people in war or serious emergency, who will never see such a luxury evening in their whole life?

Attending the Red Cross Gala 2019 in Zurich, at the beautiful Haus am See, was once more both a great pleasure and food for thought.

When President Annemarie Huber-Hotz explained the Mother-child Program that is currently held in 18 countries and for which money was collected during the evening, I felt something in this world is still totally wrong, and that we (rich countries people) run after the wrong goals. On the other hand, charity is also a fashion, and it’s very good that, thanks to that, money does get collected. The auction gave a total of 604’000 CHF and that is an absolutely wonderful result.

The thing I liked most of Mrs. Huber-Hotz’s speech was when she talked about being herself a mother and grandmother. This human experiences and connection are what we are made for, and I think it’s great that a grandma today can have such a successful job and do something so important for our society. Being a family woman is a top skill, and a plus point for any job. It’s the second time I hear Mrs. Huber-Hotz speaking and I like her a lot; I feel she is really passionate about what she’s doing.

red cross zurich gala 2019

Annemarie Huber-Hotz, President of the Swiss Red Cross


Disco Zurich

On a much ligther note, the highlight of the evening was the music by Loco Escrito, a current success on Swiss radio that made everybody move, even the normally stiff people who don’t dare dancing first. The room really became lively and the guests ready for the following part of the evening: partying with DJ Antoine.

Other well known guests of the evening were Christa Rigozzi, who moderated, star auctioneer Andreas Rumbler (who was quite funny and made us really scared of moving – he was interpreting any gesture as a money offer) and singer Nubya.

The perfect end? With the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread by Confiserie Spruengligiven as a goodie bag to all guests when leaving.

A big thank you to the Red Cross and to Sabrina Hinder for the invitation. In the gallery below, more images of the evening.


My outfit is by Brusnika Brand, Torgasse 8, Zurich.

My evening clutch is made of apples (yes, you read it correctly), by Happy Genie

My shoes are by Romeo Rodin, also available in Zurich.

With Christa Rigozzi – I am always told I speak like her!

red cross zurich gala 2019

Tables are set for a beautiful dinner

red cross zurich gala 2019

At the entrance of the Red Cross Gala

red cross zurich gala 2019

With Evelyn Gorgos, head of Corporate Communications at Swiss Deluxe Hotels

red cross zurich gala 2019

With Julia Faulhaber of Faulhaber Marketing

red cross zurich gala 2019

With Jasmin Brunner – we had really similar clutches! Mine is by Happy Genie, hers by Annalisa Caricato

red cross zurich gala 2019

Grand entrance