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The crazy thing I did twenty times

Beatrice Lessi

Yesterday I run my 20th marathon, in Paris.

I did my first marathon at age 40 and had no running experience whatsoever. I realised only just before the marathon that I run so many. What a list of beautiful places I have seen and admired during the races!

Here’s my list:

During the run, along the Seine, there was a beggar asking for money with a sign: “I have no legs, help me”. The very moment I saw him, I was actually pushing a wheelchair where another guy, also with no legs, was racing at the same speed as me (I pushed for less than a minute, just during a short uphill). That made me feel a great admiration for all those who were racing with a handicap – normal people who actually are heroes of everyday life. They could end up begging in the street, but they choose to race and beat me.

During every marathon I learn something. It makes me feel that the world is a good place.

Thank you Paris, beautiful city on fire tonight (while I am writing, Notre Dame is sadly caught in a huge fire).

My heart is with you.

paris marathon

The medal at Paris Marathon

paris marathon

The toughest race on earth, Marathon des Sables

paris marathon

The highest Marathon on earth, Everest Marathon