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The Most Romantic Train in Switzerland

Beatrice Lessi

Go Back In Time

There is no doubt: the most romantic train ride in Switzerland is on the GoldenPass, a Belle Époque train from Montreux to Gstaad. I have had this ride on my bucket list for a while, and finally did it.

The Golden Pass is a little known gem that allows you to leave the Mediterranean landscape and, already 20 minutes later, suddenly change scenery and finally reach the Bernese Oberland Mountains. The change is so dramatic that you’ll feel it’s almost not possible, in such a short time. Two types of Switzerland!


Wood and Brass, Red and Green

The train track was built between 1904 and 1905 (half by the Swiss Germans, half by the Swiss French)  and never stopped its service, up to today. Carriages are a triumph of wood and brass. Every detail – from the lamps, to the seating and the switches are in the 1930 style – looks like in the old time, but has all the luxury and comfort of modern times.

Green and red velvets, padded seats and walls make every sound muffled, and every movement smooth. People on the train are hardly on the phone because the trip is so panoramic, also thanks to its wide windows. First class is normally almost empty. Prices depend on the season and route, but they are normally in a range of 70-130 CHF.


Chalets and Tunnels

The whole route is majestic, and surprises come at every corner. We passed Le Grand Chalet in Rossinière, the biggest chalet in Switzerland, where Balthus lived, and later on visited by the Dalai Lama, Bono, Richard Gere and David Bowie. We made a U-turn in a tunnel, and reached the biggest park in Canton Vaud, the Park Jura Vadois, that from the train shows the shape of a heart. We reached our end station, Gstaad, and had a coffee pit stop in the middle of its glorious chalets. I had so much fun visiting an art gallery, having a drink there, and going back to Zurich the same evening.


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