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The Philips Beauty Challenge

Beatrice Lessi

Good Girls vs. Wild Girls

To which group do you belong, wild girls or good girls? When Philips Beauty invited us  for a day of styling and fun with 5 more bloggers, and asked us to divide the girls into these two categories, we  smiled. Who to put where? We asked them where they wanted to go and it was immediately clear that everybody could have been in both groups, really: today, a woman is constantly faced with different roles, different challenges and also different moods and inspirations. Whether wild or serious, crazy or earnest – the woman of today wants to show herself to the outside the exact way she feels. Good ladies know how to go wild. Wild ladies know how to go good. But a challenge is a challenge! So we asked the girls to come to our appointment without make-up or any particular styling, and then to turn themselves into the girl they wanted to be.


Here is the photo before the challenge

philips beauty challenge

From Left: Carmen, Geri. Stef. Kristina, Carmen, Beatrice and Inna

During – A Place Where The Day Has 25 Hours

We met at the brand new 25 Hours Hotel in Langstrasse. Geri and myself, Carmen of Carmen Segattini, Inna of Romantic Diary and Kristina of Beneath the Coat were in the “good” room. Carmen of New in Zurich, Stef of Strangeste  and myself were assigned to the “wild” room. A photographer, snacks, and unlimited use of Philips Beauty products were waiting for us there too.

The Philips Beauty Challenge

We entered the room and started to analyse all the tools – we all knew some, but not all of them. I cleaned my face for half an hour with Visapure, then styled my hair for another 20 minutes – time was almost finished and I hadn’t even started my wild  look! Stefi was concentrating so much in brushing her teeth with her Sonicare Diamond Clean  toothbrush and later posing with her cute (and not so wild) smile, that she also spent far too much time in the pre-preparation. Carmen was the only one who focused and styled her hair from the very beginning, so she was ready on time and behaved well. Didn’t I say it? A wild girl knows where to be good, ad the other way round!

philips beauty

Stef making her teeth diamond clean


philips beauty

Big hair, anybody?

philips beauty

Using all the Philips beauty products – for different uses!

philips beauty

Geri and Kristina

philips beauty

Trying Satinelle out

philips beauty

Cleansing with Visapure

Philips beauty switzerland

Pillows battle in the “wild” room


After all that playing, laughing and styling, it was time to go out and meet the girls from the “good” room. As you can see from the pictures above, they had also been quite wild during the preparation, so once more the roles were mixing. What was exactly the same was the fact that we all loved the Philips products – playing is ok, but we don’t want to compromise when it comes to quality, especially for our health, beauty and well-being. The afternoon was fun, but also very insightful in that respect: beauty bloggers are very critical and tried the Philips Beauty products with interest. Each one fell in love with at least one of them and brought it home.

Would you like to win a Philips Moisture protect Hairdryer? Then leave your email here – the winner will be announced at the end of the month. Good luck with Philips Beauty!

philips beauty

After the styling – all girls together

philips beauty switzerland

Wild takes pics of good

philips beauty

Dressing up as good girls

philips beauty

Carmen, Stefanie and myself all dressed up

philips beauty

Stefanie helping me to turn into a bad girl

philips beauty

Trying our Kim Basinger moves

philips beauty

Four good girls

philips beauty

Wildly happy





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