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7 jaw-dropping things to do in Italy

Beatrice Lessi

I bet there are some things to do in Italy you didn’t think about or you didn’t know you can do, but that are spectacular and highly emotional. I have had tears of joy in each one of these experiences – let’s see if I can inspire you to do the same.

1. Dinner with a thousands

Did you know that, every year, a thousands people gather in the streets of Parma (yes, the city of Parma ham) and have a delicious, Michelin-starred dinner at what is possibly the longest table in the world? That happens at “La Cena dei Mille” (dinner with a thousands)and you can take part too. For updates, check the Comune di Parma website or google it (in a typical Italian way, there is no official site).

2. Sleep at the Lighthouse

Just opened, fully converted into a luxurious and absolutely jaw-dropping designer hotel with only four rooms, the Faro di Punta Imperatore is one of the most romantic places in the entire planet. Just getting there is an adventure. For bookings and information, check the Floatel website.

3. Cruise in an old 500

Renting out an old 500 and doing a roadtrip through Italy is an adventure, big fun and will make you feel like a star (because people really react to this lovely old car). Be warned: you might also swear at the non practicality of it all. So what? Enjoy the stunning Italian views, the food and people’s personalities. Only for the tough ones!

4. Get Married

I did this too – and I will never regret it. Pick your favorite location, go through the nightmare of documents and enjoy the most spectacular wedding with any budget.

My marriage in Tuscany

5. Take part in the Giro d’Italia

Being as fit as a professional athlete who races at Giro d’Italia is close to impossible, but did you know that the Giro-E (with electric bikes) is doing exactly the same track, two hours before the official race takes place? This allows you to live the Giro from inside, meet the champions, be cheered by a big audience waiting for the stars, and feeling like a pre-group at a rock concert. I know because I did it! For all infos on how to participate, check the Giro-E official site.

6. Meet an Astronaut

The most inspiring talk I’ve ever attended was by Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli. You might try to Google him and you’ll already be impressed. But nothing beats hearing him live and talk about his life experiences and how he got there, starting from a small village in Italy, speaking no English, and having no degree. Check Paolo’s instagram to check his next talks and events. Per aspera, ad astra! (through adversity to the stars)

With Paolo Nespoli

7. Kiss abundantly

Ok; this is not related to Italy. But I thought it might be the perfect conclusion to Italian experiences. Let’s kiss!

Kissing children

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