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James Bond at the Alpina Gstaad

Beatrice Lessi

No Shortcuts

My husband has been telling me for two years that the Alpina Gstaad Hotel is the best hotel in Switzerland. Why? I kept asking.

The first impression, the garage, is already glorious – so spacious and easy to get in. Reception is like going home, the staff  often goes on a first name basis. And every detail is beautiful and of best quality. Food is great, materials are great, there isn’t one single shortcut at the Alpina. They thought of everything.

He told me. Indeed, as a normal guest, one enjoys the solid coziness of the hotel, the footpaths connecting it to the outdoors, the bees house, the crystals near every door, the old wood with rugged textures, the neon art message surprising you in the classic setting…all beautiful details of calm luxury that perfectly reflect Swiss quality.

But if you are looking for something fancy and worth of a movie, that, again in a typical Swiss way, is not so evident on a first look, the Alpina Gstaad delivers that too.

The Beverly Hills of Gstaad

If I was in charge of the next James Bond movie, I would set it at the Alpina.

The town is minuscule and immense wealth is apparent throughout – but the property does occupy an enviable hilltop position about a 10-minute walk from the main street. (The Telegraph)

Private jets and helicopters can access the small airport in nearby Saanen.

Imagine the views: Swiss Alps, fresh snow, a picturesque village filled with classic chalets, a fairytale castle – the best view of the legendary Palace Hotel is actually from the Alpina Gstaad Hotel – an air balloon ride. Mr Bond would fill his day with action on the slopes, and meet some gorgeous spy in the Alpina ‘healing grotto’  with bricks of dusty-pink Himalayan salt, at the Six Senses Spa. For sure, he would kiss his girl from the whirlpool overlooking the Alps in the Panorama Suite while the fire is crackling in the nearby fireplace – you can see the whirlpool in the cover photo of this blogpost.

And no, I wouldn’t turn Bond into a woman – I have too high an opinion of men too!

Mindful Luxury

To this mix of Swissness and glamour at the Alpina, one needs to add a third factor: a commitment for sustainability.

The central heating is generated by a wood chip heating plaan in Sanan. Transports are electric, by Tesla cars. Reduction of yearly greenhouse emissions by 65% per guest per night has been achieved, documented from 2016 to 2o2o. The aged wood that has been used to build the Alpina has been searched and assembled from old barns allover Europe.

To me, the constant feeling of the outdoors coming indoors was the best reminder of the beauty of this planet.

No wonder this hotel always rates at top position in many charts around the world – don’t be surprised if James is arriving soon!


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