happy genie luxury bags apples
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Happy Genie – Luxury Handbags Made of Apples

Beatrice Lessi

Made of Apples? And How?

Is the most common thing I am told when I answer questions about my Happy Genie bags, and explain what they are.

From the waste of fruit juice, made with Italian apples.

is my next line. People always love this story.

Yes, the apples are from Southern Tirol, in Italy. The juice waste is dehydrated and ground to a flour, then shipped to the factory, where colour and texture are added. The final material is shipped to Lombardy (Italy), and the Happy Genie bags are ready!

From apple to bag. Photo: happy-genie.com


There is something else to mention: Happy Genie bags are bellissime, beautiful. The classic design immediately gets noticed, and the detachable clutch allows you to change your look any time you wish. The clutch can be also used alone (this is my favourite option because I love elegant, small accessories), or in combination with the bag.

Vegan and pretty, Happy Genie are my personal new IT bags. For prices and any other information, visit https://happy-genie.com/

Below, a gallery of some of my favourite combinations.


happy genie luxury bags apples

happy genie luxury bags appleshappy genie luxury bags apples

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