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Beatrice Lessi

“H”, the new magazine of Swiss Deluxe Hotels I also work for, is finally out both online and in print. You will find it in every room of forty, five-stars hotels in Switzerland. Today I share one of its articles: Health and Holiday, by Linda Salamin. Photo: Swiss Tourism.

Switzerland is known for its premium chocolate, Saint Bernard dogs, and cuckoo clocks. It is also home to world renowned specialists and high end clinics.

Yes, the Swiss take health very seriously. A study from the Lancet Global Health Report that measured medical data from 195 countries from 1990 to 2015 ranked Switzerland’s health care system third. César Ritz, the father of hospitality, was Swiss and opened one of the first hotels in 1898. This sense of service permeates Swiss culture still today.

The beauty of Switzerland, with its lakes and the Alpine mountains range, makes this country an all-in-one health destination. Whether you need a medical check-up or treatment for an acute illness, the calm and breathtaking countryside offers an unforgettable experience.

Choice, top-class clinics offer personalised treatment to assist you on every step of your journey. Before your arrival, you will receive individualised information to facilitate your trip. From your arrival to your departure, all administrative, medical, and extra services are streamlined for your convenience and health outcome. The facilities of Swiss clinics are undisputed. You will find specialist doctors and international experts, along with the latest high-tech medical equipment, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and premium hospitality services.

Switzerland boasts an extensive network of private clinics that offer a full spectrum of treatments. The medical offer is not limited to a few specialties. All clinics are experienced in evaluation and diagnosis. Specialised fields include urology, medically assisted procreation, and musculoskeletal and joint treatments. There are specialised clinics with centres devoted to anti-aging, rejuvenation, and aesthetic surgery, as well as preventive medicine. If you require rehabilitation, you will find clinics recognised in the fields of orthopedics and neurology. Also, there are internationally recognised clinics in ophthalmology, glaucoma, and cataract treatments. For addiction and related disorders, there is a clinic specialised in tailor-made recovery plans. A number of clinics offer treatments and surgery for cardiovascular diseases.

Combine rest and treatments

But perhaps you would like to combine rest and relaxation to your treatment? With people who are travelling with you?

Whether you combine treatment with rest and relaxation or just plan a wellness holiday for you and your family members, you can enjoy the facilities of one of Switzerland’s eleven certified wellness destination that offer a holistic approach to health. You will find thermal baths, massages, whole-food menus – all set in a calm, soothing, natural environment.

Switzerland is considered a safe country with a stable political structure. The Swiss have a strong work ethic and a preference for vigilance, respect, and secrecy. Switzerland is home to the Alps chain with its snow-capped peaks, pristine lakes, swift-flowing rivers and age-old vineyards. Needless to say, environmental conservation is a core value. The country is world-renowned for its many outstanding ski resorts and mountain sports. Generally speaking, Switzerland’s climate is temperate, with wet weather in the Spring, dry and hot Summers and dry and cold winters. Although, there can be a variation in the North and South of the country. The public transportation system is one of the best worldwide.

As Swiss society is made up of 20% foreigners, Switzerland is accustomed to hosting a wide array of different cultures and ethnicities. There are four national languages, and English will probably become a fifth national language in the future.

All in all, Switzerland has the medical facilities, expertise, and patient-centred culture to provide the care and treatment you need. Add to that the natural wonder of this country’s majestic environment, and you get a truly holistic health and holiday experience for you and your family.



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