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Hotel by the Sea in Sardinia: Forte Village

Germina Preses

The Maldives of Italy

Feel like in the Maldives, but with glamour and italianità on top: welcome to Sardinia.

I have always been a fan of Italy and, when I looked for a destination by the sea, I knew the island would be perfect – I had heard so much about it.

So I decided to do a tour starting from the north, in Olbia, going to the South, in Cagliari. Below this city, my final destination by the sea: Forte Village, Il Castello. It delivered everything I expected, and more.

Why Stay There

The Forte, as Italians commonly call this resort, enjoys breath taking views and beautiful clientele. Among the things that make it worth a visit, I immediately noticed

  • private infinity pools
  • accommodation close to the sea
  • gourmet food with star chefs
  • wide offer of sports, activities, fitness and beauty
  • it never feels crowded, even when packed
  • teenagers/children entertainment (good for grown ups too!) like Acquapark and Barbie dolls house.
  • thalassotherapy and Spa


A special mention goes to shopping. Do you know that IT piece there is a waiting list for? You’ll probably find it at the Forte. I always thought the best pieces by designers like Gucci or Versace are in Montenapoleone in Milan, but I guess the second (and only) other option to find the best of the best of current collections is here. Personal shopping is also available and keeps being one of the best selling activities.




In high season, a celebrity chef will spend an exclusive evening with you and will prepare some of his/her most iconic dishes. During my stay, I had the privilege to meet Carlo Cracco and try some of his creations. I was texting Beatrice and telling her:

I am having dinner with Cracco!

She was so jealous about it – I kept sending her photos of the food and I really could try some amazing recipes.

Below, some of the dishes made during July and August at the resort.

My Favourite Ever

If I have to pick my absolute favourite characteristic of the Il Castello,  I have no doubt: it’s the people I met there. The staff made me feel like a princess, but was very friendly as well. The island sense of hospitality is even deeper than in other parts of Italy – one feels at home, treated with immense respect, but in a very warm way too.

I might go back  for a girlie trip or friends reunion, because the atmosphere, even though high-end, was so warm and friendly. And the other guests were cool and interesting too: the kind of people you want to share your time with.


Sea Views

My room was at the very centre of the resort, overlooking the sea. Watching the pure waters and relaxing in such a beautiful location is a pleasure for the eye, and for the soul. Lunch and dinner were also served with this added bonus – I kept inhaling the clean air with its special scent of sea, that I love so much since I was a kid.

If you look for an exclusive location where every detail is perfect, Forte Village is the answer. I went back home refreshed and ready to start my daily life again, after such an empowering and beautiful break.


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