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It’s not money, it’s not beauty, it’s not youth. This is what makes you happy.

Beatrice Lessi

“Can you talk to a group of engineers about soft skills and going out of your comfort zone?”, I was asked by a manager of Helvetia Insurance some months ago, right at the start of the pandemic.

The subject might seem a bit theoretical, but I find it very easy to discuss when linking it to running ultra marathons or doing any endurance sport. The fact that the audience was so different from me only added some more interest: I know I can learn a lot from people like them, and I guess they can also find some new ideas or perspective while listening to someone like me.

So it was with great pleasure that I finally gave a presentation on top of Zurich (in hotel Uto Kulm) about these subjects – with social distance and a great panoramic view.

Happiness boils down to people and relationships – there is a very famous longitudinal study (it means they followed people from their childhood through their life and old age) proving it, and you can watch it online. Working at our soft skills, ability to deal with people and of trying new things can be a much more powerful tool than money, beauty or youth.

You can find some parts of the presentation on my Instagram stories highlights, under the title “Helvetia”. If you want to know more, message me or contact me on [email protected]